Fat Girls Work Out Too

Just because I have some extra meat on my bones doesn’t mean I don’t work out. It’s a huge misconception. Nike ads will have you thinking that the only people who work out are fitness models, but that’s not the case. I have always enjoyed working out and being physical but lately, I have started sharing my active journey and even started trying out new things. What I found to be helpful is mixing up your workouts and finding a few accountability partners.

When it comes to working out I have been just winging it but recently I started using the Body Boss method and I will do a full post on it in two weeks. The Body Boss method is a workout guide where you complete a HIIT circuit 3 times a week and incorporate cardio on other days. In addition to doing that I have begun taking my health journey around the city by taking a few fitness classes. I have a compiled a list of some of my favorite classes/instructors so far. If you are in the DC area I will love for you to join me at some of the classes I take. Follow my IG stories for class announcements.

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1.       305 fitness (@305fitness)- This studio provides high energy dance parties, from the moment you start the class you are sweating it out! And the live DJ takes your mind away from the fact that your thighs are burning!!

2.       Chandra Hampton (@champlifestyle)- I took her Zumba class during a pop up at Athleta and it was so much fun! She even included Afrobeats! She has great energy and you won't want the class to end.

3.       Unique Afrobeats Dance Fitness (@1uniquebueze)- Speaking of Afrobeats! If you want to “do it for the culture” then you must take this class! It’s held on Saturdays at the Bowie Community center from 11am-noon, but make sure you follow him on IG because he does pop-ups around the city. If you have never taken an Afrobeats class don’t worry because the moves are easy to follow but you will feel the burn!

4.       Free DC Yoga (@freedcyoga)- After all that dancing you must cool it down a bit. Every Wednesday at Blind Whino there is a free yoga class for all levels. Whether you can barely touch your toes or bend into a pretzel this class is needed after all those high energy workouts.

5.       Serena Fitness (@serenafitness)- If you can’t make it to a class how about taking one from your living room. Serena offers live virtual classes! How cool is that! I took her class at an Athleta pop up too and my whole body was on fire! This class was a HIIT style class but again the awesome playlist help distract from the pain.

Just because you see me at these different classes does not mean I am fit, I struggle with all these classes and have to take multiple breaks and that the reality of this journey. If your workouts are a breeze then it may be time to switch it up and challenge yourself. My 2018 if going to be about incorporating more workout classes in my social calendar so if you know of any classes or want to join me lets connect via Instagram!