Start Your Fitness Routine

You promised yourself you would start working out on Monday. Monday is now approaching and you don't have a clue how you are going to start. It’s OK! I created this quick guide to help you out! 

(Before you start any fitness program check in with your health professionals)

Start where you are comfortable. Walking or running can be the easiest way to start a routine because many of us do that on a regular basis. In order to give your walking/running an extra push consider trying an incline internal or speed interval. Look below for examples

  • Speed Interval: Alternate 60 seconds at a fast speed that is safe for you (5mph-6mph… faster if you are comfortable) and 2.5% incline with 20 seconds at 3 mph and 1.5% incline (repeat 10 times)

  • Incline Internal:  Alternate 90 seconds at 2.5 mph and 12% (or a high incline where you are challenged but comfortable) incline with 30 seconds at 3 mph and 1.5% incline (repeat 10 times) 

 2. Hire a Personal Trainer. Working one on one with a personal trainer can really take your goals to the next level. It gives you a chance to speak to someone specifically about YOUR journey and YOUR goals. They can usually create a program that is tailored to your abilities/limitations while still challenging you. During my Journey I used Blueprint Aesthetics and it really helped me take things to the next level. 

3. Join a class. There are all kinds of fitness classes available. For a long time my routine only consisted of various fitness classes. My personal favorite are dance classes because they don't feel like you are working out. 

4. Youtube. Yes, Youtube. There is a whole fitness community on Youtube! My personal favorite is fitness blender, they have workout videos of all types and different duration. There are countless others also, working out on Youtube gives you the flexibility of having a workout at your hand. 

5. Find a Friend. We all know that one person in our circle that is constantly at the gym (such as myself lol), connect with that person and they can give you tips and keep you accountable on your journey. 

Remember that if you are just starting out you may want to stick to just working out about 2-3 times a week until your body gets comfortable. Stretching and taking rest days are also just as important!

Let me know if these help you get started!