5 Plus size workout Fears

Working out ain't easy! As a plus size woman, there is an extra layer of insecurities that some of us take to the gym. I put together this list, let me know others things I should add!

{I collaborated with one of my fellow bloggers, Verita of Curves and Muscles blog  on this topic, check out her article and let her know what you think! Read Here!}

1.       Everyone will stare at you- Some of the eyes following you will be secretly cheering for you. “yasss girl get this fitness”. While some may be looking on in discuss. Either way you pay your gym membership like everyone else and you must right to use it. At other times the stares could be totally fictional. You could be creating a mental block that makes you think people are staring at you when they are all minding their business. No matter what show up and show out! 


2.       There are no cute Workout clothes- This one is seriously fake news! There are now more brands offering curvy athletic wear at different price points. Pants and leggings are easy to find (check out Glamourina, Pictured below) but supportive sports bras have been a challenge for me. The only brand that has worked for my plentiful bust is Glamorise. There bras are supportive but I will admit that I still must wear my regular bra under it just to feel comfortable. 


3.       You can’t keep up- You will be surprised at what your body can do! I recently took a boot camp and a cycling class and I was shocked by my ability to keep up! During both of those classes I also took breaks and modified some of the moments. Listen to your body and remember that your safety is most important. Talk to a trainer about how you can modify or find alternative movement that are still challenging.

4.       You will never lose the weight- It’s not always about weight. Don’t let the number on a scale be your whole story. I like to measure my fitness success by how strong I am getting and by how my endurance is increasing. Can you run a mile without stopping? If not let that be your goal. Can you lift 50 lbs? if not let that be your goal. The scale has soma value but it never tells the whole story so find other things that are important to use as a way to measure your success.

5.       Its too expensive- Yes it is. Working our and eating right can prove to be quite expensive but being unhealthy is even more expensive. When it comes to working you I search online to find free or discounted classes all the time. If you are in the DC area check out free classes offered through the Department of Parks and Recreation (www.myfitdc.com). To save money on food I look for coupons and help save cost. I search the weekly newsletter that my grocery store puts out and shop things while they are on sale.


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