Fearless Curves

What does it mean to be fearless?

My first time feeling beautiful was at 27. Allow me to set the scene a bit. I grew up being convinced and convincing myself that my dark skin and thick thighs were not qualities of a beautiful woman. With that being said if a man could find beauty in me I should be grateful and make him a priority in my life, and so I did, for 7 years. Until the love he provided just didn’t seem to feel much like love but instead a compilation of lies that were sure to result in my complete demise. At 27 I found myself at 250 lbs (far from my normal of 200lbs) and instead of forcing myself to try the latest diet craze I decided to work on my mindset. I sought out counseling for the relationship that I still view as my biggest failure and learned to live in the present and appreciate my life.

Plus size blogger

Everything around me changed once I really took stock of my mental state. I took self-care to another level and prioritized myself in all aspects. I didn’t do anything without asking myself if this was right for my mental health. With a changed mindset things that once seemed hard came much easier.

I decided to start a 7 month series of fearlessness, where I share with you ways in which I overcame (or overcoming) my fears as a plus size woman. Each month will be a different topic and the post will be released on the first Monday of the month.

I went for a monochromatic green look for this shoot (Outfit details below), some people equate the color green with envy but to me it symbolizes renewal and growth and thats the message I hope to convey in this series. 

Are there things in your life that you are fearful about? Does being a plus size woman makes you apprehensive about pursuing your goals? Share with me in the comments below.  

Plus size blogger

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