A Review- She’s Gotta have it

I didn’t watch the original movie, let me just put that out there now.

Let’s dive right in. Nola’s dating life is a representation of dating today, you see multiple people at once, all who bring out a different side of you but when you are confronted with the idea of choosing one you go a little crazy. This type of dating does not fit my somewhat traditional views but I love the complexity of her personality. I admire the power that Nola has over her sex life, the idea that a woman can have a sex drive that compares to a man's is still seen as taboo and we need to change that. I commend her for going to therapy because more of us need to seek help. Here are 5 things that I took away from the show.

1.       Pimping ain’t easy- It sounds so great to have three men constantly seeking your attention while having perfectly laid out rules to bring order to chaos but everything isn’t so black and white. Nola’s weakest moment was during her art show where the three men in her life showed up, causing her to be distracted which resulted in getting a negative review from the art critic. Girl secure the bag first and then worry about these dudes.

2.       People don’t marry for love- Of all the men I was most disgusted with Jamie. I’m mature enough to understand that divorce can’t always be a quick decision and there are many elements to consider before filing. To Jamie, Nola represented the type of blackness he wanted to be around. Not ratchet but also not uppity like his wife, Nola was young, fun and educated and allowed him to take care of her financially. My hate for him doesn’t only lie in the fact that he constantly has affairs but also in the fact that he is oblivious to the effect his marriage is having in his son.

3.       The music- I need a soundtrack. The music throughout the 10 episodes was beautifully paired with scenes. I would admit that annoyed at times when the scene would stop to display the album cover.

4.       That Ass tho- I knew something was going to happen but I didn’t think it was that! How could her injections pop!! I thought Nola was a bad friend in this scenario. Although she disagreed with Shemekka she could have been more supportive and maybe have even gone with her to the appointment, or even recommended she sees a real plastic surgeon.

5.       Opal is the Goat- Nola doesn’t deserve Opal. When Nola talked about her feelings for Opal to her therapist her eyes were big and bright! But Opal is too good for Nola, Opal deserves a woman that is going to fit into her “stable” lifestyle, not a “Free Spirit” who is still on a journey of self-discovery.

DC Blogger

I know there has been so much mixed reviews of the show but personally, I loved it! Nola isn’t perfect, and that’s realistic. Juggling three different men while trying to make sense of it all isn’t easy either and we watch her struggle with that. As a matter of fact, dating one person isn’t easy either. Let me know what you thought about the show, did you love it, hate it or just didn’t care?