How to slay homecoming as an alumni

How to slay homecoming as an alumni

The question you must ask yourself is are you really willing to splurge to slay for people you honestly don’t interact with outside of social media? The answer is yes.

Thou shall slay at every opportunity, I think that’s in the bible, somewhere. In this post we will cover the necessary basics, so when you run into that Sigma (or Alpha or whoever) you had a crush on since freshmen year you will turn heads. Looking good doesn't have to cost much and don't go too far outside of your comfort zone just to look good. I'm all for trying out new looks but Homecoming is not where you want to chance experimental looks. 

Hair- A woman’s pride and glory. Whether you are getting a 26 inch weave, opting for braids or keeping it natural there are several things to consider.

·         If you are keeping it natural be sure to check the weather, nothing ruins a twist out quicker than moisture from never ending rain, travel with a good brush, bobby pins and some edge control so that if the weather (or the turn up) ruins your do you can still slay in a sleek bun or updo. 

Edge Control
edge control

·         If you are opting for some fabulous braids you want to travel with a good braid oil. Personally I like one that has some fragrance, consider using this one. You will also want to bring a rubber band (several) so you can take your hair from day to night with a high bun or top knot. Also bring along some braid oil to maintain a natural shine. 

Hair Secret Braiding
Hair Secrets Braiding


·         If you are opting for some vixen worthy Brazilian hair or Peruvian I got you covered. You want to make sure that you actually buy some good hair; there is no point to doing a hair flip with dry, brittle hair. Consider how you want to wear your hair from day to day and bring a good flat iron or flexi rods if you plan on keeping it curly. Don’t be that one friend who missed the event because you’re stuck in the hotel fighting with your hair, we don’t have time for that. There are countless places to by your hair but what's most important is how you have t installed. Personally I like to have my bundles made into a wig, which means that there is a potential of it coming off. Homecoming is not the time to use elastic bands or wig combs, you want to sew that hair down so that you are sure it wont come off. 

dc blogger
Black Blogger

Let’s talk outfits- This is homecoming, not a basic weekend. When it comes to shopping for your outfit stay away from popular stores unless you are shopping for basics. Instead opt for a local boutique or even a seamstress for something custom. Depending on your area a seamstress may cost as much as a regular department store dress. You want to step things up just a tad (you are an Alumni now); I fully support wearing sequins and gemstones so you can sparkle all night. Consider getting help from a stylish friend, anything to avoid someone else with that same outfit. You can even take a trip to your local thrift/vintage store to find a unique piece. In the case that you can't find something completely unique then focus on fit. Find something that fits your body type and don't be shy about using shape wear to create a perfect silhouette. Some of my favorite websites are Rue107, Asos, Eloquii, Gstagelove and Rebdolls just to name a few. 


Plus size style

Make up- When I was a freshman at FAMU make up was not as serious as it is today. Now days most high school students show up with faces beat to the heavenly powers. If you are not a makeup expert and you don’t plan on hiring a MUA then you need to practice before you head to your School. There is nothing I hate more that ashy faces and harsh contour lines, you better blend for your life! Not matter where your make-up skill level lands take a picture with a flash before you head out, it will humble you. Don’t wait until you take pictures with all your friends (and fake friends) and you end up on IG with a broke down face, you may become a meme. 

Head over to Youtube and learn an easy tutorial. Focus on having good brows and an even skin tone, eye shadow can be harder to perfect so if you are new either practice or keep it basic. Head over to your local makeup store and get color matched, but don't let them be the deciding factor, TAKE A PICTURE WITH A FLASH and see how it comes out. 

I look forward to seeing all the homecoming slay post! Use #HCSLAY to be featured and so I can see!