“Hey Stranger” msgs during Homecoming

“Hey Stranger” msgs during Homecoming

Homecoming season is upon us. If you went to a HBCU like I did then you know it’s a big deal.

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Other than the football game, Greek step show and parties the other all too common thing that happens at homecoming is people sliding into your DMs (or txt msgs) trying to "link up". Here you are with your cute self, minding your business, you been working out all year and you are currently Homecoming fine, not just regular fine. As soon as he sees you the DM notification will pop up. “He” will take many forms, an old classmate, college crush or campus greek heartthrob. Once you are an alumni homecoming becomes a weekend filled with unexpressed emotions and attempts to relive (or improve) what may have been some of the best years of your life. The devil will send all types of temptations your way and there are several different ways this could go, so let’s explore.

From the Married one- Let’s get this one out the way first. You just saw his oh so beautiful wedding all over social media. The pictures were picked up by all the popular wedding accounts, and the pictures have quickly become someone's #relationshipgoals meme. Please don't choose the side chick life, be patient and God will send you your own happily ever after. Some men will travel to Homecoming with selective memories of the wives and girlfriends they have at home just for a chance to fulfill their bachelor fantasies. Sis, ain't enough Tylenol to cure the headache he will give you. If you see him, say hello and entertain his single friend. 

Campus Greek Heartthrob-If you had a fling with his line brother during sophomore year, and one of his neos during senior year then don’t respond, Frat house smash stories are real and never forgotten. But who am I to tell you what to do, just remember that all Greek chapters have GroupMe chats and you may become the topic of discussion during the post-Homecoming recap. Auntie Maxine may help you reclaim your time but you won't reclaim the growing body count. If you haven't made your way through the Frat yet then if he catches your eye while strolling patiently wait for him to hit you up and take it as far as you would like it "go for it, go for it go". 

College Crush- You still see that glimmer of hope in his eyes, He was supposed to be the Barrack to your Michelle but life didn't quite work out that way. You are patiently waiting for his tall dark (or light) and handsome self to stop faking and just be yours already. When you see his name pop up in the DM proceed with caution. If there is a chance to meet up after homecoming go ahead and make those plans, you never know what can come about it.

Campus Nerd- Everyone experience a glow up, some later than others. Remember that super geeky guy that was always buried in his books, well he is now a project manager at So and So company and making major moves. You may have friend zoned him while in school but he is looking like #corporatebae, a snack and a Thanksgiving dinner. If he doesn't message you first you may have to make the first move and slide him your number before he gets too lit at the tailgate. Play your cards right and you may be the future Mrs. #corporatebae and we can all be retweeting and creating memes from your gorgeous wedding pictures. 

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Baby Daddy- Girl! He is really fertile so guard your loins. He may be on a personal mission to repopulate the earth but don't let his caramel skin, nutmeg brown eyes and biceps con you into becoming baby momma #4. Yall know how I feel about dating guys with kids (if you don't read here). He is more focused on being a daddy than a husband so go forth with care...and extra proctection... hell go get your Plan B pills now.

Homecoming should be all about the turn-up, no drama needed.  

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