Perfecting Your Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are here to stay! So if you still have never had them done it is not too late. By now the style possibilities are endless! Crochet braids can be done with loose hair or pre braided styles, which ever you choose here are three things to remember.

1. Take Care of your hair- The health of your real hair is the most important! Always start crochet on clean hair and make sure that the braids are not too tight. If your braids are too tight they will cause tension once the crochet needle is used to pull the hair through.

2. The braiding pattern you choose depends on the style of crochet braids you decide to go with. My standard braiding pattern is between 6-10 cornrows. The more braids the more voluminous the style will be.

3. Crochet braids are typically done with synthetic hair which can tangle quickly. Once your style is done be sure to sleep with a silk cap on a nightly basis. Use your fingers to comb through the hair if you feel it knotting up or grab a pair of shears and clip away at any unruly hairs.

4. Don’t forget your scalp! I recommend keeping crochet braids in for 3-6 weeks. During that time your scalp may become dry or itchy. Find a moisturizing product that best fits your hair needs and use it on a daily or weekly basis (depending on your hair type). Consider mixing your leave in conditioner, coconut oil, water and tea tree oil in a spray bottle. There are many different recipes your can use but the general formula consist of a leave in, essential oils and water.

5. After care- When you are finally ready to take out those braids take your time or get some help so that you don’t accidently cut your own hair. Once they are taken out grab your favorite deep conditioner and bring your hair back to life!

Share with me some of your favorite crochet styles! Do you think crochet braids are overrated or here to stay? Comment below.