Ace Your Birthday Shoot

The innanet is full of ideas for birthday shoots but few give specific tips on how to have a truly successful shoot. A lot of my friends are turning 30 this year and I want to lend a helping had to ensure  that your shoot turns out great!!

The idea- there a PLENTY of themes for birthday shoots! You can go as simple as posing with a cake and ballons or try something sexy and wear lingerie. Pinterest is a great source for inspiration but do add your own twist to it and make it creative....or not.

The photographer- if you don’t already have a rolodex of Photogs then do some research and find one that you can afford. Check out their previous work and communicate your vision. Feel free to show them pictures that inspire you but be mindful that photography is an art and art can’t be duplicated. The photographer may have their own specific styles thus the importance of seeing their previous work.

Makeup- unless you are confident about you MUA skills this is the perfect time to treat yourself to a good MUA. If you don’t wear makeup on a regular watching a few YouTube videos the night before your shoot may not be the best idea. Communicate your vision to the MUA, be sure to left them know what you will be wearing and the location of the shoot. In studio shoots often times require a different application process than shoots done in natural light. So please communicate with them!

What are you wearing?- wether it’s  a fabulous dress (or nothing at all) get help from a stylist or a fashion forward friend. Make sure that the attire fits well and is photo ready (no wrinkles), beware of garments that are sheer and have the proper undergarments. Your birthday shoot may be a great time to try a new style or treat yourself to something really special.

Posing- depending on your level of comfort in front of the camera this may be the hardest part. I highly recommend practicing poses in the mirror before hand and getting to know your body so that you can see what angles you look best in. For example I photograph well straight on, if the photographer is at too low of an angle I tend to look mean. Again seek the help of a fashionable friend if you struggle with this. Or let the photographer know and they may be able to assist. 


No what’s what you decide make sure you fully communicate what you want. There is no point in spending (photo shoots can be very expensive) if you can’t get what you want. Also be realistic, having a professional shoot isn’t like a fairy godmother coming to turn you into Tyra Banks.  


Here is a short list of some of my favorite birthday shoot ideas

1. Shoot in bed with balloons and champagne nearby

2. A formal gown in a really dope location

3. Really sexy lingerie in a bedroom or studio setting

4. In studio shoot with balloons and confetti

5. Shoot in a foreign location #passportstamps

6. Nude shoot!


Behind the scenes at one of my shoots