TWA Hair Essentials

TWA Hair Essentials

I am currently 5 months post big chop! I am almost halfway to a year! I decided to big chop for personal reasons so I was not prepared for when it came time to styling it. At first it was easy because my hair was so short that there was nothing I could do other than to brush it. After some research and some trial and error I have finally established my TWA hair routine!


·         Nudred sponge- This sponge has two sides and has an ergonomic fit that creates perfect twist and coils that enhances my texture.

·         Nudred twist it cream- You only need a small amount, too much and you will have residue and build up.

·         Mielle Organics hair growth formula- I love my short look but I do want my hair to grow! I have noticed that my hair is thick and actually growing; don’t let the shrinkage fool you.

·         Q-Redew Steamer- This hand held steamer has multiple uses. Before I cut my hair is used this to refresh my hair in between styles and as a safe heat way to stretch my hair. Now I primarily use is to deep condition my hair.

·         Shea Moisture Rehydrating hair masque- A good conditional is major key! Shea moisture has a long list of products but this one work best for me. 

·         Arganics Edge Smoothing gel- I have been a skeptic of edge control for a while now. I even began to think that maybe my edges where not meant to be control and should run free. I was introduced to this brand at the Ubiquitous hair expo and prior to purchasing I applied the product and walk around for about 10 minutes and my edges where still good! This is now the only edge control I have been using on my hair lately!

Cutting my hair has surely taught me a lot about my hair and about the importance of establishing a regiment. When establishing your regiment you have to be clear about what your goal is. My current hair goals are to growth healthy hair and style it in low manipulation methods. Twisting using the Nudred is not only quick but is low in manipulation. My regiment fits my busy schedule and requires little thought.

What is your currently hair goal and what does your regiment look like? Comment below!