30 Awesome things to do before 30

30 Awesome things to do before 30

My birthday was in September so by now I'm nice and settled into my age of 28. Since 30 is supposed to be this big milestone I figured I challenge myself to do a few things I've been procrastinating on doing and a fe things I've always been scared of doing. Check out my list and hopefully it will inspired you to start a list of your own and get some things done! 

Remember that it's never too early or too late to start a list, just make sure you give yourself enough time to complete all that is on it. 

1. Drive to a country 

2. Fly to a country 

3. Cruise to a country 

4. Lose 50 lbs

5. Take a formal cooking class

6. Take a horse riding lesson 

7. Run a 10 k

8. Get a pet

9. Get a tattoo/piercing 

10. See a Broadway play

11. Invest

12. Dye my hair

13. Give yoga a serious try

14. Learn to speak Spanish 

15. Pay off CC debt 

16. Take an improv class

17. Take swimming lessons 

18. Read 100 books

19. Visit 5 new states

20. Have a fabulous birthday party 

21. Meet someone famous 

22. Go to a football game

23. NYC Christmas tree lighting

24. Surprise Foster kid for Christmas 

25. Start business

26. Get a feature in a print publication 

27. Go skiing /snowboarding 

28. Donate a significant amount to a charity

29. Go on a spiritual/religious retreat 

30. Get a professional certification/license 

I will post an update of my accomplishments in about 6 months! Wish me luck!

OMG! What did I do to my lashes!

OMG! What did I do to my lashes!

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