"Beauty and the Beast" is no Love Story
beauty and the best

Yea Disney messed up our childhood.

And they are continuing the corruption by recreating this fairy tale for the children today. The story starts as most Disney movies does, happiness displayed by song and dance, then there is a Prince who is turned into a Beast by some petty spell. The prince is punished because he doesn’t help a “beggar” portrayed by a witch. I’m sorry but maybe there is a chance that he spotted the bullshit from the very beginning. You know how you get that feeling, a beggar asks you for money and you just know they are going to spend it on drugs or alcohol. I don’t know why Disney always have to include petty ass witches and magicians to put dumb spells on people, why not use your magic for good. We saw this in Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, The little Mermaid and the list goes on. 

I’m going to cruise pass all the lovely songs, dance and inanimate objects because Belle must have been smoking bath salts and making friends with the furniture. Now on to the love story, the reason why we are here. Let’s start by pointing out that Belle only fell in love with the Beast after being held captive by him. So what kind of psycho message are we sending to our children? That you may be lucky enough to be held captive by a rich ugly man that you can eventually fall in love with? Sounds like Stockholm syndrome to me, which is define as a condition where hostages develop feelings as a survival strategy. Let’s not also forget that the Beast only wanted Belle as a means to remove the spell. Would he have been interested in her if there was no curse? Doubt it. Yea, no thanks these are not #relationshipgoals.

What if the roles were reversed? Could a handsome man fall in love with a beastly woman? All Disney movies portray a beautiful women who sometimes fall in love with not so attractive men. Even in "Princess and the Frog" there was a need to kiss a freaking frog! EWWW! This sends a message that girls can compromise on looks when falling in love but guys cant. How long do we have to wait before the lead female in a Disney movie is not so cute? I understand the Disney audience may be predominantly female, so isn’t that an opportunity to create content that will make all girls feel confident, but I digress.

 This story also has an “if I can’t have you, no one can” level of pettiness on the part of Gaston. He was one shot away from ending up on Dateline with Lester Holt to narrate his journey to hateration in the dancery. Just because Belle rejected him he convinced the village people to attempt to kill the Beast. This really translates as telling good looking privilege kids that if you can’t get what you want, destroy the person who took it from you, that type of sore-loserism doesn’t work for real life.

Watching Disney movies as an adult can really open your eyes. I love a good love story just as much as the next person but something has got to give. What are your thoughts? Have you watched any Disney movies lately and felt sometime of way? Comment below!