I lost 15 lbs in 21 Days

For real!

I couldn’t believe it myself!

(So much so that I gained some of it back)

I have been working on my health for quite some time now, I had gotten myself to the point where I could workout 5-6 a week with no problem but I still struggled with my nutrition. I’ve always wanted a trainer but after having a meeting with a trainer that insulted me I chose to go about this journey solo. One Day while trolling on Instagram I came across Blue Print Aesthetics. They had a 49 day online program and after a quick discovery call I was sold. Not only did they provide a custom meal plan and workout but they also provided support with regular texts and phone calls. Those support calls had more impact than I thought, they listened to me complain (a lot) but were never condescending or mean and gave me tough love while being very encouraging.

When I started the program I had so many doubts and I was pretty resistant to some of the workouts and foods but I decided to trust the process and push through. I drastically reduced my alcohol intake and stopped going out as much so that I wouldn’t be tempted to eat out. In just 21 days I lost 15 pounds! I thought my scale was broken! I was so shocked by the rapid lost that I started to feel like I could go back to my regular eating habits again. WRONG! One cheat meal became 5 and I gained back 5 pounds! I finished the 7th week at 213 lbs after starting at 225 lbs. I enjoyed the program so much that I signed up for another 49 days so I could reach my goal of 200 lbs.

Here are some of the common questions that I get about the program.

What kinds of foods did you eat?

For breakfast I ate things like liquid egg whites, oatmeal and turkey bacon. For lunch I usually had chicken or fish with veggies or carbs (brown rice, sweet potatoes even had couscous one week). The meals changed weekly but most of the time I was eating 5 meals a day and towards the end of the program I had a few intermittent fasting days.

What were the workouts like?

Hard. Challenging. They took me way outside of my comfort zone. I was doing workouts I never even heard of, at one point I was convinced that my trainers where just randomly making them up! Below is a sample of the workouts and workout schedule. They sent a different workout the night before so I had time to review it before heading to the gym in the morning. I was unfamiliar with a lot of the workouts at first and I relies on YouTube to find examples of how to properly perform them.

One of my weekly workout schedules (this varied week by week)

One of my weekly workout schedules (this varied week by week)

This is a snippet of how the my workouts were structured

This is a snippet of how the my workouts were structured

Biggest take away? Motivation?

The most important thing I learned during these 7 weeks is to step outside of my comfort zone and that I won’t maintain my new weight by going back to how I was eating. Another key component was making sure I had people around me that kept me motivated and accountable. My trainers were my first source of accountability but sharing my journey on social media also gave me the extra motivation I needed. I also still look to the vision board I created at the beginning of the year for daily inspiration.

If you have specific questions about the program drop them below or reach out the trainers www.blueprintasthetics.com