Because Sprint has bad service and bae can’t get through.


#whyimsingle is trending on twitter right now and it made me want to stop and really think about it. Why am I single? Sounds like a simple question but not really. If I’m truly honest with myself it’s because I am not ready for a relationship and God is waiting for me to mature enough to be with the kind of man I keep asking him for. But now if I want to lie to myself I can easily blame it on the lack of decent men but we all know that’s fake news. There are good men out there, great men actually…. Just not good enough or great enough for ME.


After having my world end at the conclusion of my long-term relationship I’m not in any rush to get back. I still long for a male companion but I also learned a lot from my last relationship. With my Ex, I blindly fought for our relationship because I was under the false pretext that it was better to have a man. Even when red flags came up I stayed, until I completely lost myself and had no more to give. I had completely compromised my value and dealt with things I never want to again. I still believe in love but for now, I am going to focus on just having fun with life and not let the dating process stress me. Why are you single?

But for now here are some of my favorite tweets from this topic.