2018 Guideline to Posting Bae

Personally, I have strict rules on posting bae, I don’t believe you should post who you are dating unless yall are having serious marriage talk. In my last relationship, I waited until our 5-year anniversary before I did a “This is bae” post. Now that that relationship has ended I don’t plan on posting my next bae until we are on our honeymoon and the ink has dried on the marriage license. This may be a bit extreme for a lot of people, so let’s get into this guide.

The incremental approach

You dated a bunch of losers and now you finally have someone that makes you happy. Congrats sis, may the odds be in your favor! Now before you head to Instagram (Facebook and others) to post "le bae" consider doing the incremental approach. With this method, you slowly reveal your man’s body parts (take your mind out the gutter) until it forms a complete man. For example; post a picture of you guys holding hands, just the hands and find a song lyric or inspirational quote. Start with the hands, show the back of his head, perhaps a leg and wait until a significant date to post his face. A suggestion would be to post a picture of the two of you on an anniversary or attending an important event together (wedding or fancy gala). For this post keep the caption limited. You can opt for a Beyonce approach where you don’t write anything because we get it, or you can use a relationship hashtag such as “#blacklove” “#baegoals” or “#leftfuturefoundmearussell”. If you choose this approach remember to never tag him, you don’t want to risk your followers investigating his identity before you do a big reveal.

The IPO (Initial Public Offering) approach

If you don’t have time for the social media bullshit than this approach is tailored to you. It allows you to introduce your man in a perfectly written press release. IPOs come with lots of thought and research. The decision to go public can be stressful and can take some time. There will be a need for both parties to cut ties with certain people, there is nothing worse than making your announcement only to find out that your partner is fully vested in other affairs. Once you are on the same page take a viral-worthy picture and post! The caption can be heartfelt and romantic, you never know you may get reposted by the shaderoom. 

Status/profile update approach

Not all relationship probates have to be dramatic, sometimes simply changing your bio, profile picture or relationship status suffice. For Instagram, I suggest using a ring emoji or even tagging him in the bio. I love the simplicity and this is one of my favorite methods.

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You are free to choose one approach or get creative and do a hybrid of the three but there are a few things that you absolutely want to avoid when posting "le bae".

-          Please ensure the bae knows that he is bae! Please do not make the cardinal mistake of posting and have him appear like Peter did to Jesus and deny you three times in the comment section.

-          Don’t create a couple IG page. Please stop this. Please. Por Favor. S'il vous plaît. Unless yall have a relationship focused business, if not don't even think about it.

-          Avoid posting every single date. We get it. You are in a relationship, we don’t care. Unless there is something extraordinary happening then we don’t care to see that he took you to some fancy restaurant during restaurant week, the rest of us in here too enjoying this $90 food for $35. Chill moe.

Either way, posting your relationship on social media will have lots of people in your business and asking you questions, the last thing you want is for social media to be the reason you break up so tread lightly. We are all trying to be #booedup2018!