Yes girl!

Do it!

……it’s still a no for me.

Over the past few years, I have seen more female proposals than I thought I would ever see. Where is the Disney channel movie where the girl proposes to the guy? Mulan was ready to fight side by side with her man but I bet even she wouldn’t get on one knee for Li Shang (cues I'll make a man out of you).


I totally subscribe to the religion of doing whatever you want to do but I keep telling yall I got bad knees. I still struggle to do a proper squat so the chances of my knees getting low enough to hit the ground to fix my lips to ask someone’s son for his hand in marriage is a guaranteed no. I'm sure i will catch my mother's backhand before this though even hits my brain. However, I’m not here to shame the woman who has the courage to do so. I know that the spirit moves us all in different ways and as a collective we shouldn’t judge each other so hard but I know social media makes that very hard to do.

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Let’s take it to the bible. Actually, let’s not. I’m not going to go on quoting every phrase in the bible that mentions a man finding a wife (proverb 18:22) but I know that’s the source of some people’s arguments. I want to steer this post in a specific direction. Courage. I mean it takes courage for a man to propose to a woman! Can you imagine the humiliation that comes with a denied proposal? I don’t even like the word no. A woman who has enough guts to propose to a man should be viewed as courageous and not ridiculed on social media. Some of yall still waiting for this week’s love interest to text you first (don’t’ worry I’m waiting too). We all struggle with denial, a few weeks ago I asked a guy I was interested in if he was at all interested in a relationship with me and I felt like he said no before I could finish my thought, but it took so much courage to ever ask, I can only imagine the pressures that come with asking someone for the rest of their lives. I recently came across a post on social media about this very topic and I was surprised to see how many “feminists” were insulting the young lady in the picture instead of praising her for courage. We look for women to step outside of their typical roles at work and to ask for the things they want but not in relationships, maybe our thinking hasn’t advanced as much as I thought. I mean what is it about proposals that make it reserved just for men? Traditional relationship roles are changing, there are women making more than their husbands and there are men that stay home and take care of the children, so can’t the role of who proposes change too? The bigger picture here is to let people love the way they want to love, I was temporarily traumatized by the names people in the comment section were using to describe the lady but I guess that’s typical in this age of professional comment trolls.

Let me know in the comment section what you think of this topic!

***Now I don’t want to confuse my future bae with this post (I know he is somewhere reading this). Dear future bae I want YOU to propose to me, please make sure my nails are Instagram ready and my outfit and wig are snatched. Thanks in advance.