Pretty girls get cheated on too

I remember growing up and thinking that if only I was prettier I would be able to find a guy that would just love me unconditionally and I would have that Disney kind of happily ever after. At that time "pretty" to me meant being light-skinned, "pretty" hair and a model like body. I went through a period of time where I was willing to try anything to look better to attract the opposite sex. Even when I heard stories of people who cheated my first reaction was that the other person must have been better looking. 

Fast forward to adulthood, where all your childhood dreams and expectations go to die, as I learned more about relationships I realized that cheating wasn't necessarily just about one person being more physically attractive than the other. There are a plethora of reasons why people cheat, whether it's out of convenience, lacking something in their current relationships, suffering from fuck boy-itis or just insatiable lust, it goes far beyond surface issues. 

I was having a conversation with friends about the Kevin Hart situation and the only way I can express my feelings towards it is through the Tyra Bank "we were all rooting for you" gif.

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I just want to root for all the black people, always but Kevin Hart is making that very difficult. His "come up" story is inspirational and his work ethic is beyond this world. From his humble beginnings to having blockbuster hits and being the only comedian with a Nike endorsement, Kevin has an impressive resume. It's too bad his love life doesn't seem to follow suit. He left his first wife Torrei Hart to wed Eniko Parrish. On the surface, it reads like one of my favorite Kanye West songs.
 "and when you get on, he'll leave your ass for a white girl"- Gold Digger feat. Jamie Foxx

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Well, Eniko isn't quite a white girl but if you subscribe to the white standards of beauty where the fairer skin is automatically more attractive then she fits the bill for being more attractive. Time healed all wounds, we got over the fact that he cheated on Torrie and embraced his new relationship. Everyone deserves a second chance. As a comedian, Kevin opened his personal life to us, as his family dynamic was always included in his stand-ups so for him to cheat on Eniko felt like he was cheating on all of us. The fact that she is pregnant makes it even sadder, nothing adds sympathy to a story better than adding a pregnant wife. Leave it up to twitter to be sarcastically shocked considering his pass.  

As we are discussing this topic someone says "but she is so pretty, how could he cheat on her". Sis, it doesn't matter if you were divinely created for a specific man, you can still get cheated on. So does this become a case of can't teach an old dog new tricks? How do we feel about the public apology? Apparently, the apology was a way to avoid being extorted/blackmailed, so is it even genuine?

I don't know where this Kevin Hart issue is going to go, maybe this will be material for this next stand-up special where we can all "Laugh at his pain" while he laughs all the way to the bank. What about Eniko, should she and Torrie create a Cheated Sistahs praying circle? How she gonna reclaim her time from this one? Yall I have so many questions! What are your thoughts? Once a cheater, always a cheater?

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