Surviving Your High School Reunion

I cant believe high school was 10 years ago! My how time flys! As I prepare to attend my high school reunion I had to have a deep conversation with myself about how I wanted things to go. Typically school reunions are just a chance for people to display their glow ups. It doesn't matter if you gained some weight or loss some as long as you show up in your best you are good to go!

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I found myself on the planning team for my high school reunion, I sometimes have the inability to say no when friends ask for my help. So there I was planning the events and finding ways to have fun on a budget, suddenly I realized that I didn’t have any close relationships with anyone from my high school. My high school days were spent focusing on making good grades and joining all the clubs and activities I could so that some college would be impressed by me. In the mist of all that I neglected making true and meaningful connections and relationship with most of my classmates or lost touch with those that I did have a relationship with. So I began to look at the reunion in a different way.

Reunions should be more than a trip down memory lane but a second chance to forge lasting friendships and to build a network. After 10 years (or more) you should have matured enough to look pass any superficial bias and actually get to know someone, you never know, a former classmate could be your coworker of even your boss one day. So here are 5 tips to surviving your High school reunion.

1. Talk to everyone, even the ones you didn't like- Have you ever dislike someone without actually knowing why you didn't like them. After ten year there shouldn't be any bad blood between you all. If there is, this may be a great time to put things aside. You ma find that the person is actually pretty cool. 

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2. Network- Don't spend you reunion gossiping about who is doing what and how many kids so-and-so has, talk about your career or business aspirations, you may find someone who can help you get to the next level. Take time to really listen and make connections, if anything you may just find a new friend. However, don't be fake. You don't want to be the person who say "yes, I will call you next week" and never do, you too grown for that. 

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3. Look the part- Reunions are still about seeing how much people have changed over the years so don't be shy about flaunting your glow-up. Now don't go renting luxury brands you can't afford just to impress the girls that used to pick on you in gym class but do take time to find a great outfit. It ok to show off a bit.

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4. Shoot your shot- I once saw a meme that said that most people meet their soulmates before 21. Your future boo may just be at the reunion. Do make sure he(she) is still single and baggage free. Check out your high school crush and see if they still give you that butterfly feeling. "go for it, go for it go!"

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5. Enjoy Yourself- It's been a long time since that pre-calculus class so even if some of your old teachers are in the room you don't have to worry about any pop quizzes because you are grown know and make enough to pay someone to do math for you. Even if you don't plan on talking to anyone in that room again until the next reunion take the time to celebrate your personal growth from who you were as a teenager. 

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