Being Confident in a Swim Suit

I have always been nervous about wearing swim suits, between my thick thighs, stretch marks and cellulite I had plenty of reason to show up to the pool in a full scuba suit. Lately I have been blessed with a level of confidence I have never know before! It’s kinda weird because I am at my highest weight right now. One thing that I have learned is that you must love your body at all times, even when you are actively working to get it heathier you have to appreciate your now in order to enjoy the after. Despite my new found confidence I was still a bit nervous to do a swim shoot. With the support of my District Queens bloggers I felt comfortable and completely care free!

plus size swim
Plus size swim

When I was looking for the right swim suit my search started with styles that would “cover” all my imperfections but there came a moment when I decided to just go for it! I headed over to and browsed for a bit and I came upon this stunner. I have always been a fan of blue so the color choice was a no brainer. Instead of a traditional cover up I went with a supper flirty skirt. The best part of this swim suit is that the top can be worn as a crop top! How fun!


There is nothing wrong with your body and you don't have to be a size 2 to feel good in a bathing suit. Forget the beauty standards and wear what you want! Swim fashion has come a long way and there are more styles now than ever before! 

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