You're too pretty to be single- and other stupid shit guys say

You're too pretty to be single- and other stupid shit guys say

“you're too pretty to be single”

This must be the most confusing statement a man can ever make to a woman. I have heard so many variation of this line and it makes me sick every time. Being attractive has nothing to do with one’s ability to maintain or even get in a relationship. Are we that shallow that we believe that relationships are a right that only “attractive” people deserve? Last I checked your physical attributes have nothing to do with your personality or character.

I met a guy once and he had potential bae written all over him until he asked me that dreadful question. “Why are you single, you are way too fine” *insert eye roll and disappointment* What am I supposed to say next. Honestly there are 99 other reasons why I’m single and having to answer that question is number 100. This question comes in like the Aunt at the cookout who you don’t really like but you have to be polite to because momma says so. She greets you with a half smile and instantly says something like “so nice to see you, I see you’ve been eating real good”. And you’re left to think if it really was nice to be seen today and you also remember how you didn’t eat anything today because you’ve been cleaning the house awaiting the arrival of guests like her. In short it’s an unpleasant experience, If you want to know why I’m single, just ask an insult is not needed.


“you’re cute for a big girl”, yes because bigger girls aren’t pretty right? Who is raising these guys? Being in a long relationship has shield me against these types of people but now that I am single the flood gates have opened. Ladies, maybe we should start saying things like “your handsome for a guy who’s beard doesn’t connect” “you’re cute for a guy with a receding hairline”. Under handed comments have no place in the dating world, its actually the quickest way to get rejected. And don’t get me started on the “your so pretty for a dark skin girl” comments. I really don’t know what kind of white washed sunken place yall living in but I’m not here for it. If you like someone tell them that you like them, don’t insult them and play into their insecurities (because all of us have them).

Among some of other my favorite stupid things guys say are those that I like to categorize as the sore loser responses, they sound something like this “ I ain’t wanna talk to you anyways” or my favorite “you too fat for me anyways”. I guess no one can handle rejection. Would you rather I get your number and never call you? I don’t have the time or energy to be deceitful so I rather hand my rejection at the door than to waste my unlimited Sprint minutes not calling you. I know yall miss Obama but don’t react by putting us down, we all miss him too. In the age of Tropicana Trump, where people feel like they can say any foul thing out of their mouths we have to be better and rise above it. The quickest way to failed #relationshipgoals is having any of the mentioned statements in your dating play book. I swear to yall, the next one who tries me gonna catch these hands!


What other terrible things are guys saying?