Thot or Not: Freedom of Expression vs. Indecency

Instagram is basically Pornhub at times.

I can’t even openly browse the app without fear that an inappropriate and over sexualized image will pop up. They really need to develop some parental guidance because it’s really too much. Even if you don’t personally follow accounts that feature sexualized images they can still show up on you explore page or get reposted by one of your friends.

The sexualization of the female body (and society in general) is nothing new but with the advancement of technology and pop culture some clothes (or lack thereof) can seem practically pornographic. The conversation of women’s fashion comes with a conflict in duplicity; can you express your freedom in fashion without being labeled at thotty? There is a popular picture that has circulated through the web and it depicts the different lengths of a woman’s skirt and the shortest length was labeled “slut”.

Before I started writing this post I had a long conversation with myself about labels. Who are you to label me as a thot? Removing labels from our society is impossible, the ability to place labels on things helps us navigate the world by associating something with a feeling or attitude. Someone being nude or close to it is typically associated as being sexual which is inappropriate for the public world. I would also admit that I feel a bit uncomfortable when I am around a group of women that choose to leave little to the imagination, but maybe that speaks more of my insecurity than their expressiveness.

This topic hits home for me because a few months ago I posted a picture of myself (see it here) that caused a slight up roar with someone close to me. The person was upset and offended by how much skin I was showing and advised me to remove it. The person even went as far as saying that I was worthless and had devalued myself. *clutches pearls and holds heart in apparent heart attack* My intent for the picture was to show off a bathing suit and a pretty cool cover up. It was my first time posting a picture of that nature and I actually felt empowered by it because I was finally comfortable enough with my body.

When I look at the title of this post “freedom of expression vs indecency” for some reason the image of a woman in a bathing and one in a bra and underwear comes to mind. I once recall having a conversation with someone who thought it was inappropriate for a woman to be seem in undergarments but completely fine for her to be in a bathing suit. Both cover the same parts of the body. This is just another example of how woman’s clothing is policed. On the other hand I do agree that there is a time and place for all attires.

There is also a lot of discussion around women’s clothing and sexual harassment, generally because we are supposed to accept that men are so weak that they can’t control themselves. So a woman is asking for it when she wears a short dress or a low cut top, I can never accept a world that carries this belief.

Our world today is far more accepting than that of our parents and grandparents but this is a conversation that will continue for centuries. What are your thoughts on the difference between freedom of expression and indecency as it pertains to clothing.