Age And Expectation

By 27 I expected to be married to the love of my live, climbing the corporate ladder at a company that appreciates my talents, working on a kid or two and letting my melanin glow.

Are any of these things happening… NOPE! Im pushing 28 and single af, I have a corporate job but I’m more passionate about my entrepreneurial endeavors and I am the proud parent of three succulent plants.

Growing up all I ever learned was how to plan and create a road map for my life, a road map that included my age at the benchmark for accomplishing certain goals. My plan was actually going great for quite sometimes, until reality hit me like a ton of bricks. What they didn’t teach me was that even when you do everything right life still doesn’t go according to plan. I studied hard, had an internship every summer and still didn’t land a high paying job at the end of my undergraduate career. I have so many of my peers in similar situations, some driving themselves into depression trying to find the express way to some of their goals.

As a society we are naturally age conscious, we are constantly trying to look younger and accomplish all of our goals before we “get old”. I find myself actively working to pull my mind out of this sunken place. You can follow all the appropriate actions in life and still not get the life you envisioned.. and that’s ok. There needs to be greater emphasis on teaching about plan B. No not the day after pill, but understanding that life doesn’t end just because our original plan didn’t work out. Often times a whole new plan isn’t even needed, the original plan may just need to be tweaked to its new environment.

Flexibility and adaptability


When I was in grade school I read a book called “Who moved my Cheese”, it’s a simple read about two groups navigating a maze and looking for cheese. The team that fairs better in the maze is the one that learns to become flexible and adapts to the changing environment of the maze in order to find their cheese. I reread this book again recently and understood it better than I did in the past.

Although I have not met some of my expectations at the age I am today, I am still working towards my goals and learning to adapt to new environments.