Is It Spring Yet!

March 20th is the official start of spring... although its been an emotional roller coaster between winter and spring lately. Spring time in DC is always so festive, mainly because of the Cherry Blossoms! The week long celebration varies each year depending on the estimated bloom date of the blossoms. 

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Yes I know floral for spring is cliche but this Eloquii dress is the perfect transition between winter and spring. As floral prints are usually backed by a light colored background this dress has a dark blue perfect for the pre-bloom portion of spring. 

Let me help you get spring ready! I will have a series of post covering Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle to share tips on what to wear this spring as you are coming out of hibernation. Be on the look out for my next spring series post! 

What are some of your favorite spring trends?......other than floral of course! Comment below!