Media Kits for New (Small) Bloggers

you can still create a resume even if you never had a job before. A media kit in many ways, serves as a resume for bloggers. Its a way for you to introduce yourself to brands that you want to collaborate with. I once did a google search for media kits and most of then had huge numbers! thousands of subscribers and even more monthly views and visitors. I was very intimidated. Although I have been noticing some significant growth on my site my numbers are not nearly has high as I would like them to be. 

I you are like me then you may think the a media kit serves no purpose and that you should wait unit you see more growth before creating one. I was recently approached by a brand to work with them on a campaign, I was a bit surprised. They wanted little ole me to work with them! The person asked me for a media kit and I had to quickly create one. I searched online for a template but found none that I liked, I also didn't want to pay for one. What was I to do?

In comes canva! Back in January I used Canva to create the flyer for my Vision Board Brunch and it was fairly simple. Canva has plenty of free templates (some cost $$) for a variety of things. I decided to use a resume template (I used a template called Karen tarte) to create my media kit and it actually turned out quite well. I used the drag and drop features to personalize it. 

Things to include in your media kit

  1. picture(s) of you
  2. Name (your name, blog name, title)
  3. contact information 
  4. description of you/blog/blog mission or purpose
  5. services you provide (create a separate document that list prices)
  6. stats- highlight any large numbers you have. For example I don't have a lot of subscribers on youtube but I have a lot of views

As your site is growing be sure to update the stats when ever there is significant growth. I hope this helps!


Here is a draft of my current Media Kit, let me know what you think!