5 Things to Know About Sliding in DMs


1. Let’s drop the stigma- It happens more often than people want to admit. It really does go down in the DM (get your mind out the gutter).  Don’t be ashamed to check/respond to your messages, and it’s not all about making romantic connections. Believe it or not you can make genuine friends and make business connections this way. 

2. This isn’t tinder- take your perversion elsewhere- There is nothing that sends someone to the block list quicker than inappropriate language or images. I strongly believe that everyone on Tinder is there just to hook up so if that’s what you are looking for then for there. Don’t ruin someone’s day. If you are bold (stupid) enough to message someone inappropriate things be aware that your messages may be screenshot and you can become a meme or the butt of the joke in the local group me chat.  So if your spirit is willing to be a decent person but your flesh is weak, please take that business elsewhere.

3. You Scared? Don’t be- I promise, sending someone a private message is less intimidating than walking up to them in person. The worse that can happen is an unanswered message. Actually that’s not the worth thing. The worse things are screenshots! Refer to item 2. I am naturally an introvert (believe it or not) so I completely sympathize with those that are scared to make the first move, but there comes a time when you have to just push yourself a little.

4. Don’t be Annoying- It's ok to be a fan but don't upgrade to air conditioner without approval. Use your better judgement and have enough sense to know if someone is really interested in you or not. Consistent one word answers, or no answer at all may be a sign that the person doesn’t want to talk to you. Don’t be the person who repeatedly sends messages even when they don’t get a response. Send one message and carry on. If you get a reply then good for you, you go Glen Coco!

5. Girls can do it too- DM lurking is not only for the guys. Come on Ladies show some initiative. If you see a guy you like don’t be afraid to drop him a message and say hello. I think we are pass the days of “I’m gonna wait until he message me first”. Take control of your single life, go and slide in those DMs, just make sure he is single, no one wants to be a side chick. 

Sometimes DMs can be more efficient than most dating sites. Have you checked out the #wemetontwitter topic? So don’t be so quick to ignore some of those messages you never know what will happen. My best advice for connecting with someone via DM is to try not to make it a “cold call”.  I find that messages that derive from public engagement are likely to have greater response. For example you like a few pictures and exchange organically via the comment section and then you follow up with a DM. Keep in mind this simple list and you should be fine, but don't take it too hard if you are rejected (this is life after all)