It's Ok To Be 27 (and up) with No Kids

It's Ok To Be 27 (and up) with No Kids

Beyonce is pregnant enough for all us kidless females who are under constant societal pressure to have a child. Her twins are for all of us. 


(Disclaimer: if you do have kids then this isn’t about you, so please don’t force yourself to be offended by anything I say)

I will admit that I am fully aware that I am at the age where it is common for family, friends and strangers to ask if I have kids. I’m sure most 15 year olds don’t get this question. Once I made it to year 5 of my last relationship we started having serious conversations about having children. How many we wanted, boy or girl, and all that jazz. Personal I wanted twins or triplets so I can get it all done with one pregnancy, but I will accept whatever the lord sends my way. Because of the length of our relationship I tolerated all the questions relating to marriage and kids. But i was still on the fence about it. 

I put forth a lot in that relationship. I compromise and lost battles I knew I could win, so when everything came crashing down at year 7 I had to do a lot of soul searching. I always planned to have kids before 30 and here I found myself 27 with 28 just a blink away with no man and no kids, but I don’t feel bad about it. As females (whether you want to have a child or not) we have a biological clock looming over our heads from the moment we hit puberty. The societal pressures that come with that are often times even more unbearable. Don’t get me wrong, I want children and the perfect family life that I grew up watching on TV but I’m not so focused on that goal that I am willing to settle or rush into it. I also find myself at a place where I am open to other methods of having children if my biological clock runs out.

 In a time where even going on a simple date sometimes feel like pulling teeth I want to be very mindful about what I attract into my life. Until a genius finds a way for males to carry a child we as females will forever be looked upon with judging eyes if we don’t have kids. Right now I am fully content, and it feels good so say that out loud. I often find those women who don’t want children are looked upon as out there are selfish but last time I checked the world’s population isn’t lacking. To all those wanna-be grandmothers out there patiently waiting on a grandchild you can spoil, you may be waiting longer than you want.

Kids are expensive, Trump is president and Baby Daddies come with drama. So allow me the chance to focus on something other than my uterus, such as my career, traveling the world, sleep, front row tickets at a Beyoncé concert (not sure when another one is gonna be since she is with child(ren), sleep and sleep again.