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Is your Vision Board Working?

Yasmine SaibouComment
Is your Vision Board Working?

This year I hosted a vision boar brunch and I shared my tips on how to create a winning vision board. 

It’s easy to cut pictures out of magazines and glue it to a poster but don’t allow your vision board to be just another collage.

This year I hosted a vision board brunch because I was finally able to make my vision board work for me and I actually accomplished some of my goals! The most important thing about your vision board is you, so you have to make sure that you are adding elements of yourself in it. The second most important thing is that you allow the vision board to work by putting it somewhere you can see it every day and scheduling weekly (or monthly) check-in with yourself to ensure that you are taking steps in the directions of your goals.

Here is how I created my vision board.

1. I carefully though about primary goals I wanted to accomplish this year and tried to be as specific as possible. My goals for 2017 are listed below

·         Be healthier by making smart lifestyle changes that will result in lowering my BMI to a healthy number.

·         Increase my visibility as a blogger by consistently posting and engaging with my peers and audience online and in person.

·         Travel to three countries. Martinique, Canada and France

·         Excel at work so I can be promoted to a management position

2. Create the board. If I don’t take care of myself I cannot begin to work towards my goals so I created a bubble in the middle of my board that represents me. I created 4 corners in order to segment my different goals so that I can instantly know which area to look to for inspiration when I need it.

3. Vision work. I use my planner to list things I did that week to move closer to as least one of my four goals. At the end of each month I write a summary in my journal. This step is very important in keeping yourself accountable!

Share with me your vision board making process in the comment section below!

vision board brunch
Vision Board Brunch- Darkerberrie