Lil Wayne: Black Lives SHOULD Matter To You

Here we go again. I honestly feel like every conversation I have is always 10 words away from being a Black Lives Matter topic. Social and racial issues are not problems of the past; they are as real today as they were during the march on Washington. You absolutely must live way under a rock to feel as if you are not connected or affected by these issues. Lil Wayne must clearly live under that rock, and that rock must be on Mars, where even Verizon doesn’t get any service. The "can you hear me now" guy may be working with sprint now but let us not pretend like Verizon isn’t the best network, I simply can’t afford because student loans. Lil Wayne must have a team around him that use Jedi mind tricks and unicorn repellent in order to keep him oblivious of the world outside of his bubble. That bubble must be made from the finest material this god given earth can produce because it is full impenetrable if he cannot feel an iota of connection to the black lives matter movement. This is clearly a situation where I would have preferred if he said all lives matter. I am really tired of entertainers spreading their ignorance because children's ears are like sponges and they soak that shit up.

Now I have my own personal feelings towards the movement and the overall constant pursuit of making minorities second class citizens, but Lil Wayne just went full Joanne the Scammer on us. He is not claiming us on his taxes. To not acknowledge the issues of race is irresponsible. Should I blame Lil Wayne for not feeling sympathetic to the movement? Like Rosa Parks said, Nah. All those years of smoking and drinking and constant drug use have surely turned his brain into a special kind of nothingness. If being a rich black man excuses you from racism than I better get to grinding because I need my money to shield me too. Now I don’t love Lil Wayne like I love Kanye but haven't plenty of his songs been about racism in America? Was that just for show? If opinions are like assholes and everyone has one then his must be bleached to perfection if racism isn’t an issue for him. Or has his new tax bracket baptized him and removed that lovely layer of melanin that society love to hate so much. Now I can’t make you feel connected to something you are not connected to Lil Wayne but I’m just confused. Maybe I’m being over sensitive, I mean even Donald trump has better answers about the state of black people, its Hillary's fault. The same people that hacked her emails must have hacked into what was left of his brain and forced him to make those statements. This whole year is rigged and I no longer want anything to do with it, I’m building a fence around my dam self.

There is a certain level of responsibility that celebrities are adorned with. Because of their influence and following we hold them to certain standards, they are not at liberty to make rash statements as the rest of us do.

According to Twitter Lil Wayne is now canceled until further notice or until he can get the proper help that he needs. Please see management for your refunds.