Please Don't Send Nudes


I never thought I would reach point in my career where I would have to ask people NOT to send them. If you are proud of your “jewels” great. Congrats. But I don’t want to see them. As the Parliamentarian of the Women Against Nudes Association (WANA) I am here to deliver a public memorandum to inform the general public of proper nude etiquette.

In a world where we are at constant threat of hackers just having nudes on stand-by is dangerous. Of all my years of being a woman I have never met a human lady person that was afraid of asking for nudes. If she wants to see it she will ask. What I hate most about this trend is the element of surprises. Nothing ruins the day faster than getting unexpected nudes from some guy you barely know. How do you take a simple conversation about what you do for a living without a proper transition before sending nudes? The first time it happened to me I nearly dropped my phone, clutched my pearls and wrapped my whole body with a prayer cloth. We won't even have a conversation about they ones that send underwhelming pictures, like who are you trying to impress because I'm not! The only nudes I want you to send me comes in an Urban Decay palette currently on sale at


I am by no means acting as if I am holier than thou but I seriously question the motives of those guys that partake in this activity. Are they just seeking any reaction? Is this a method used to entice a potential partner? Or is this just cruel and unusual punishment? Your family jewels may be a physical representation of your masculinity but it should not be used in a harassing manner. I understand that we live in a sex driven world and I have come to terms with that but at what point does this become harassment. I understand that most (ALL) online dating sites are more like hook up sites but is there no tact left? I know a picture is worth 1000 words but the only word you’ll get from me is BLOCKED!

As we begin to prepare for 2017 can we add sending unwarranted nudes to the list of things we are going to leave behind? The proper thing to do is to wait until your are asked. I can admit that the topic of nudes is bias, because females aren't met with disgust when they send nudes to guys. Ladies if you want to send them go ahead, but don't be surprised if they end up somewhere you didn't intend.


Thank you, management.