Trick Daddy: I Am Not Useless

My fried chicken doesn’t taste as good as Popeye’s but I can still prepare a decent meal. The “White Hoes” may be going to get their bodies done to recreate black features but my God given beauty will not be altered by a surgical knife, I’m good. The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami can hold about 60, 000 people, please proceed to have several of those seats, and take your nonsense all the way back to the house. You may be a thug but honey it’s 2016 and I expect more from everybody even you. As you ridin’ round’ and gettin it please refrain from fixing your lips to hate on us, put some respect on my name sir. I will be sure however to pass a second collection at church this Sunday so we can get you the help you need, from your struggle mustache to your dingy off black shirt and your obvious mental ailments. Next time you have some free time please download the hooked on phonics app (I assume there is one) and improve your vocabulary. Find a new pass time other than remaining relevant by posting rants. Obama is leaving office we are all required to do better.

In his Instagram rant Trick Daddy was advising us Black Women to tighten up before we reach our expiration date as we have competition from other races. I’m pretty sure that he did not pull the receipts on Black Women before he made his post. He must not know that African American women businesses are the fastest growing of all other women owned businesses. Does he not have eyes? Can he not see all the black girl magic that is happening around him? Black Women are educated and obtaining post-secondary education and just straight slaying in all departments. Furthermore if I need to “tighten up” it won’t be for the likes of some washed up rapper, thanks but no thanks.


So what if these White and Spanish women look good and learn how to fry some chicken? Good for them, I believe that all women are amazing and the greatness of one does not dim the light of another. My hope is that some little girl out there doesn’t watch his video and feel less or begins to aspire to be an unrealistic version of herself only to appease a man who won’t cherish and value her anyway. 2017 is just a jump hop and skip away and these types of racist and sexist comments towards women need to stop. So if anyone else got something to say do it now. Trick Daddy you have my permission as the recording secretary of the Black Women Caucus, Washington, DC chapter to date White and Spanish women, I think we good.