The Naturalista Hair Show..Recap!

The Naturalista Hair Show..Recap!

This was the 4th year of the Naturalista Hair Show.... and I had a blast! This event brought together plenty of DMV naturals and there adorable kids! There were plenty of vendors to show from and appearances by some of the top natural hair bloggers. What I wore- A DIY Ankara maxi skirt paired with a tee shirt (here) from F21


There were plenty of vendors to shop from but two of my favorite were Mess in a bottle who offered awesome graphic Tees and ShopRAW who had handmade bags.


There were live styling and product demos.



I attend this year's event as a brand ambassador for the Curl Match appimg_9323


And I was too excited to meet singer Nahla V (known from the #sogonechallenge)img_9276


I truly had a blast this year and look forward to Next year's event! Were you there? what were some of your favorite parts? comment below!