How to be a Guest at a Nigerian Wedding

If you have never been to a Nigerian/African wedding you are truly missing out on a good treat! I will do my best to describe one for you! First- your outfit. you can not show up to any African function half stepping! Your outfit needs to be tight! Typically the bride selects a fabric that wedding guests can purchase to attend, it is not mandatory but highly suggested if offered. For this wedding the bride selected a gorgeous purple lace fabric with sequin to be paired with a neon yellow head tie. I took the fabric to my seamstress and she created this dress!This wedding was a two part affair. The trafitional Yoruba ceremony on one day and the regular ceremony on another day. For the second ceremony I opted for an off the shoulder dress and added the lime gele from the previous night. The dress comes from Susan Fashion which is a local boutique in DC. 

Second-Pack your patience. Depending on the actual background of the couple and their families the wedding may be a pretty long event. Some families do a traditional and church wedding in the same day, some separate the event. either way pack some patience as some event can run quite long. feel free to bring flats!

Get ready to eat and dance- The food will be amazing! If you are not familiar with the cuisine don't be afraid to ask what something is or make the caterers aware of any allergies you may have, no need for any emergencies. If you are shy about dancing African event may not be for you. get up and dance! It doesn't matter if you don't know what you are doing, just have fun!

The Spraying- Don't worry you are not at a strip club. It is customary for guest to "spray" on the couple or their parents as they dance. Bring some cash with you so you can take part. There is usually a selected person to pick up the money so don't get tempted. 

[wpvideo CqOviXD7]Follow these tips and you will fit right in at any Nigerian Wedding! What have your experiences been with African weddings? Comment below!