You Pay, I Pay or Dutch

IMG_7725Call me old fashion but when a guy asks me out on a date I expect him to pay. But that's just me. I met a guy recently from POF and we met for happy hour. We went to TGI Friday's, which is a very affordable restaurant with pretty good happy hour deals. I ordered a beer and he ordered water. I was a little skeptical already. When I asked if there was a reason why he wasn't drinking he cited nutritional reasons and how he was working out. I didn't believe him but I wasn't going to press the issue. When it came time to order food I ordered boneless wing and mozzarella sticks. He ordered a burger and mozzarella sticks and ate some of my wings. Health goals out the door.

After about 45 minutes of basic and forced conversation it was time to call it quits. He asked for the bill and before the bartender came back he asked "So how are we doing this?". I was instantly confuse because the question caught me off guard, but I pulled out my wallet anyways. The check was only $29.16. I'm not made of money but I thought that was such a small amount that it shouldn't be split.

Some people say that who ever asks for the date should pay, other's say that the man should definitely pay. It is said the women only make $.79 to every $1 a man makes so is it so wrong on me to assume that he should have been able to pick up the tab? When asked about this topic some men say that they encounter plenty of women that want a "free meal". I totally understand that but I don't fully agree. Chivalry was surely dead in this case. My feelings may have been different if we went to a formal dinner and the bill was more that $70.

I was tempted to pay for the full meal but I decided to just split it and leave. An unexpected downpour started just as we were leaving and because my car was closer I agreed to give him a ride to his car. He took this time to leave and started more awkward and forced conversations and disregarded my subliminal cues for his exit. Once he did leave my car I quickly sped off with no intentions on going out with him again.

Am I wrong for this? How do you determine who pays in today's dating world? What is your philosophy on who pays, share with me below!