I Chopped Off All My Hair!!!

I walked into the barbershop on a Friday evening and asked to have my hair cut. The end..... and the beginning of a new journey. Why I did it

Short answer: I because it's my hair and I do want i want.

Long Answer: I have been going through a period in my life best categorized as a quarter life crisis, that on top of the recent loss of my father. I have been on a downward spiral, emotionally, and I wanted to do something physical that would be a representation of my taking hold of my life.

How I felt Afterwards

I felt a range of motions. I was happy, sad, i felt ugly, i felt pretty and I felt empowered. The emotional horror wore off once I put some makeup and lashes on. I went to see my sister and even she barely noticed at first. Although I am so happy I did it I am still nervous for my mom to see it.

Now What?

There are a lot of things that will be different now. I now have so many hair products and tools that I have no need for (I may have to organize a product swap). I have to learn how to style my short cut and how to dress for it. I also have to be prepared for other people's reactions, whether its positive or negative.

Have you big chopped or made other major hair changes? let me know below!